Cass County Courthouse News

News from the Cass County Courthouse:
    Justin D. Hankins, Athens, and Pamela Jo Wilson, Athens.
    Andrew C. Camerer, Virginia, and Amanda J. Coe, Virginia.
    Damian Michael Coats, from Aireonna Blair.
Donnie J. Harris, from Bonnie D. Harris.
Robert Releford, from Carol Releford.
Property Transfers
    Jill Doreen Layne, AIF, Karen Ann Pearson, Warranty Deed to Kenneth R. and Brenda J. Capps for Lot 9 in Welch’s Subdivision, Beardstown.
    Reba E. and Norman L. Fisher, Warranty Deed to Juan Antonio Juarez Franco for Lot 12, Block 163 in Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Jose Garcia Hernandez, Quit Claim Deed to Martin Sanchez for Lot 3, Block 12 of Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Edmundo Bernal, Sr, Warranty Deed to Edmundo Bernal, Jr, and Guadalupe Ojeda for Part of Lot 8, Block 5, Clendenin Addn, Beardstown.
    Schuyler Stone, Catherine G. Stone, Warranty Deed to Ronald D. Ahlers and Kathy E. Gatons for Lots 1 & 2, Block 113, Original town of Ashland.
    Neal James and Glenda Lynn Kesselring, Warranty Deed to Anthony and Kristin Sirtout for Lots 8 & 9 in Block 60 of the Orignial Town of Ashland.
    Idella Ruppel, Donna McNeal, Agent, Corrective Warranty Deed to John R. Impson for Part of Lot 9 in the Original Town of Chandlerville.


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    Recently, two friends explained to me that my article published on Feb. 6 hurt and angered many folks in the community, veterans in particular. I’m thankful they cared enough to come to me.