How to design a grocery store

    Have you ever gone through a grocery store or super market and thought to yourself, I wonder if a man designed this layout?
    I've always thought that and think a woman could do a better job. What got me to thinking on this subject was a store that I use changed their first aisle setup where they have butter, cheese, juice, cream cheese, eggs, bagels, English muffins, etc. Well, they mixed it all up and scrambled things that go together apart from one another. Don't tell me a woman did that.
    I know they like to put the expensive grocery items, such as meat, and baked goods, and deli items around the perimeter of the store. They know you’re going to go into the interior for the items in the middle. The everyday necessary pantry items are in the middle. Sugar, flour, condiments, canned goods, cereal, coffee, cheap cookies, juice, etc. and of course the necessary ones like PAPER goods.

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