Choosing the perfect baby name

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    Women get pregnant. It happens and that’s a good thing. That’s how we get more women. A young friend of mine recently found herself in such a situation and she told me that her first task was to start thinking of baby names. I assume that although she called them “baby names” she expected the child to carry the moniker into adulthood. She asked my opinion but I told her that I was long out of the baby-naming business. My friends are still Mary’s, Edith’s, and Mardelle’s, none of which you’ll find in the People magazine top ten this year. But it did make me curious. What names are popping up most frequently on the maternity ward bulletin boards?
    According to The Baby Center, an online source where they apparently center babies, Sophia tops the tiny girl list for the fifth year in a row. Emma and Olivia follow her for the third year. Compared to the strange names that the flower children were giving their kids several decades ago these seemed like sane and reasonable choices. Topping the boys’ list is Jackson for the second straight year followed closely by Aiden and Liam. Really? What ever happened to poor little Bob? I kept looking. Bob doesn’t even rank in the top 100. Even Xander, Declan, and Xavier have nudged out young Robert. In Great Britain Bobby at least comes in at 97, but the top British name last year was Oliver, so what do they know?

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