Oh what fun it is at a girls’ peewee soccer game

Greetings from the Ridge.

It was just about as tight a game as you’d want to witness. The two teams had been battling it out for almost two hours, the score was tied with almost a minute remaining, and then something mighty remarkable happened. Two players on the blue team joined hands and skipped down the field together. If you’ve not attended a peewee soccer league game then a valuable part of your life is missing.

Bad behavior has become the norm in major league sports as hardly any game takes place without some sort of unprofessional ugliness. Pitchers toss 90 mph fastballs at the heads of batters crowding the plate then both benches jump onto the field in a slugfest; hockey players are hired because of their ability to duke it out on the ice; the tantrums of professional tennis players have become legendary; dinky little NFL referees are left to break up fights between highly-paid behemoths on the football field, and even the “non-contact sport” of professional basketball often sees bench-clearing melees. It seems that the more an athlete is paid the more right he or she seems to have to stop the game with an outburst.

Then there’s soccer for little kids. I’ll admit that what I know about the game of soccer could be easily stuffed under a gnat’s fingernail, but when our neighbor invited Herb and me to witness a Saturday morning game where her two youngest daughters were playing I could hardly resist. &nbsp;&nbsp;<ahref="http://etypeservices.com/Cass%20County%20Star%20GazetteID497/"><spanstyl... 13px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">To view more, please log in or subscribe to the digital edition.</span></a></p>