Missing out on rain every time

 Boy, every time they pre-dict rain, it runs around us. I think I won’t have to run the sprinkling system, and then no rain. It’s getting pretty dry over here. We haven’t mowed for three weeks, and  some patches are turning brown. I guess it’s just one thing or an-other; changes, they are a-coming.  The workers got the pool all down and the grounds cleaned up. The boys (mine) brought in some dirt and smoothed it out and put up a fence so the dog couldn’t get in the fresh dirt. It sure looks different to see out the back all the way to the big pine trees. They think I should put a flower and herb garden behind the steps and benches we left there. Maybe; I just have to look at it for a while.  We did save the roots of my Authum Clemantis, I didn’t want to lose it. I’ve had it growing on the pool deck for at least 18 years, and it gets bigger every year. Next year, if it makes it, it will be about two feet to start. I’d like to put it on a

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