Trying to get Herb to travel

 Greetings from the Ridge.  God bless Herb. Some-body’s got to. I guess I started it. “Herbie, sum-mer’s coming to a close. Let’s have one last fling.”  “Freida, I ain’t flung in years.”  “I mean a vacation. Just a few days.” “I hate airplanes.”  “We won’t have to fly, Herb. Let’s find someplace we can drive to in a day’s time and just relax a bit.”  you started talkin’ about goin’ somewhere. Whatta you say we save the vaca-tion money and just take a couple laps around Wal-Mart?”  Herb’s sense of adven-ture is right up there with his ability to double-park. “Come on, Herb. You know you enjoy little trips once you get started. How about a couple of days in the Iowa’s Amana Colo-nies?”

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