‘Identity is an Illusion’ magic show

 My niece and her hus-band, Jude and Dave, live in San Francisco, Calif. Several weeks ago, Dave contacted my daughter, Chris, to ask a favor. They had a scheduled trip to New York City to see their daughter. While planning the trip, Dave made reser-vations at a nice restaurant, and purchased tickets to a theater around the corner, the Derek Roth Theater, featuring Derek Del Gaud-io’s Illusion Show, “In and Of Itself, Identity is an Illu-sion.” Derek Del Gaudio is an American performance artist, writer, and three-time Academy of Magical Arts Award-winning magi-cian. The show’s executive producer is Neil Patrick Harris. In and Of Itself is a modern allegory that ex-plores new ways of seeing the unseeable, as memories from yesterday are blended with inexplicable events witnessed today and se-crets imagined for tomor-row, creating a perpetual paradox of a show.  Dave received a call from the theater. They asked him if he could have someone secretly write a letter to one of the indi-viduals in his party. There were very detailed instruc-tions about the letter. The letter had to be three to five handwritten sentences in black ink on a standard sheet of white paper. The letter had to include some-thing unique about the re-cipient of the letter that the writer of the letter would recognize. The letter had to include a PS that would mention a third party relay-ing a message to the recipi-ent that would be meaning-ful. Chris thought that I should write the letter.  Jude emailed me shortly after the performance and gave me the following re-cap of the evening:

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