Courthouse News 5/4

Courthouse News
    Jenny Lee Kesselring and Darren Wade Kesselring.
    Akofa Dogo Kassan and Kossie Tome.
    Patrick E. Bell and Christina L. Bell.
    Humberto  Rafael Rodriguez, Jr., Beardstown, and Liberty Rosa Bosques, Beardstown.
    Philip G. Siebert, Frank W. Seibert, deceased, Bertie L. Siebert executor to Bertie L. and Phillip G. Siebert - Sec. 29T17R11 - Sec. 32T17R11.
    Carlos E. Treadway to Logsdon Tug Service Inc. - Lot 4 & 5 Blk. 4 - Original Town of Beardstown.
    Jody A. & David O. Smith to Shelia J. Smith - Lot 2 Blk. 1 - H.H. Halls 1st Addn.
    Daniel Pl Clayton to Guylain Mbungo Toko & Annette Kinsala Dandi - Lot 1 Blk. 12 - Schl. Comm. Addn.
    Kimberly D. Walters to Beardstown Savings SB - Lot 7 & 8 Blk. 75 - Beard & Ware’s.
    Robert L. Reifschneider, successor trustee & Catherine M. Reifschneider, trust to Robert L. Reifschneider, Karen J. Jackson, Jean G. Lensch, Louis G. Reifschneider, Jeffifer R. LaFonaine, Aaron J. Reifschneider, Julie L. Reifschneider & Ryan J. Reifschneider - all undivided 1/20 insterest - Sec. 34T18R9 - Sec. 3T17R9.
    Louis G. Reifschneider, ind 1/5 interest to Louis G. Reifschneider, Trustee and Trust - Sec. 34T18R9 - Sec. 3T17R9.
    John L.  & Mary Margaret Schnepper to Megan Brooke Rebman - Lot 3 & 4 Blk. 19 - Original Town of Beardstown.
    William D. & Teresa A. Sanders to Mary Lou Briar - Lot 6 Blk. 11 - K.H. Chandler’s Addn.

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In the last few years, the phrase “fake news” has worked its way into our vocabulary. It is a phrase used to describe information that is accepted as fact by some but disbelieved by others.