Roy Roberts Photography: Origins

    It is because I have had too many winters behind me that I am often without a subject to write about. It was some time ago that one of my readers let me know that she found a 1950 Beardstown telephone book and noticed an ad put in the book by Roy Roberts and the Roberts Photography Studio. The nice lady, who wasn’t even born in 1950, suggested that I write about that studio some time.
    It is odd how different events in one’s life change the course of the rest of your life. There was a Mr. Shoemaker, who was the town photographer for years. He had his studio in the old building in the middle of the block on 2nd Street, between Washington and Lafayette Street. He was still in business when I graduated from high school as he took my graduation picture for the BHS year book. We, the annual staff, couldn’t afford to have individual pictures of the football and basketball team so I, who owned a $2.69 Box camera, made the pictures. Mr. Shoemaker retired not too long after that. A lady came to town by the name of Hoback. who was a photographer, and purchased the Shoemaker Studio.

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