Enjoying warm weather while it lasts

    Greetings from the Ridge.
    I’ve thought a lot about Harry Donald this week. He was the first youth minister our church had ever hired. For years we’d gotten by with whatever volunteers we could talk into the job of wrangling our wayward little Methodists into line and it all worked out well, I guess. Then one day a sweet old soul died and left the church with an endowment to hire a youth minister and Harry showed up, ready to take on the job.
    I suppose he was a harmless enough guy until he got this job that was way over his head. Camping was a big thing back then in the days before kids had to have air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Nearly every month Harry would plan a camping trip to somewhere just remote enough to be a little exciting. Our church youth group usually jumped at the chance of getting away from home and the camping trips were well-attended. The only problem was that Harry Donald knew nothing about camping and made no effort to learn.

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