A demolition that is long overdue

    As Code Enforcement Officer for Beardstown, I began working with Clarkson Grain representatives in March 2016 concerning demolition of the building that exploded in 1982. Initial discussion included myself, Tim Harrison (alderman), Mayor Patterson, Director of Public Works Gary Hamilton, Clarkson Grain Beardstown facility manager Roger Hendricker, and Clarkson Grain GM Rick Bucker. At that meeting it was discussed that demolition could cost several hundred thousand dollars, and Clarkson wanted to explore the possibility of securing outside funding to help offset their costs. We were to meet again at the end of April.
    The second meeting didn’t occur until the end of May. I met with Roger Hendricker and Rick Bucker at that time. Per Mr. Bucker, Clarkson had been unable to secure outside funding. I served a Notice of Violation of City Code to Mr. Bucker during that meeting, giving Clarkson Grain until Oct. 15, 2016 to bring the property into compliance (tearing down the buildings closest to the ball park).

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