Courthouse News 9/15

Cass Co. Courthouse
    Desere E. Kline, 19, of New Salem pleaded guilty to the charge of criminal trespass to land. Kline was placed on 12 months court supervision, ordered to pay all court costs for a total of $562, and granted time to pay.
    Mark L. Neff, 49, of Beardstown pleaded guilty to the charges of burglary and aggravated fleeing from a peace officer. Neff was sentenced to four years in the Illinois Department of Corrections with two years Mandatory Supervised Release, given credit for 160 days served, ordered to pay all court costs for a total of $1,211, and granted time to pay.
    Mark L. Richard, 22, of Chandlerville pleaded guilty to the charge of battery. Richard was placed on 12 months court supervision, sentenced to five days in jail with credit for five days served, fined in the amount of $100 plus costs for a total of $777, and granted time to pay.

Courthouse News
    Pitshou Sunda Kabeya and Baby Potesiana Putuilu.
    Kyle Peters and Sarah Peters.
    Terry Eugene Carnahan and Angela Marie Carnahan.
    John E. Groesch and Katherine L. Groesch.
    Ernesto Martinez Jimenez, Beardstown and Elda Hernandez Casarrubias, Beardstown.
    Jimmy Lou Fry, Jerseyville and Kathy Lynn Peters, Ashland.
    Cass County Clerk and Robert L. & Anne Mills to Cass County Trustee - Sec. 11T18R12.
    Cass County Clerk and Heidi J. Walker to Cass County Trustee - Lot 18 - Original Town of Chandlerville.
    Cass County Clerk and Cory C. & Christina D. Simpson and Illinois Department of Transportation to Cass County Trustee, Cass County clerk -Sec. 6T18R9.
    Cass County Clerk and Paula S. Morris to Cass County Trustee - Lot 2 - E.E. Tyhurst The Farm Addn. - Section 28.
    Cass County Clerk and Vernon & Jolene Miller to Cass County Trustee - Lot 7 - E.E. Tyhurst The Farm Addn. - Section 28.
    Sherry Collins, Penny Meyer, Tim Richard to Penny Meyer - Lot 11, 12, 13 Blk. 10 - K.H. Chandler’s Addn.
    James L. and Judy A. Paul to Leticia Lopez - Lot 2 Blk. 6 - P.M. Combes Re-survey.
    Carlos M. Rodriguez, Rafelina Rigjo to Romulo DeJesus Sandoval Oscanga, Rosario Adriana Carppia - Lot 5 Blk. 34 - Schl. Comm. Addn.
    Vernon S. & Veda L. Coil to Veda L. & Vernon S. Coil Trust - Lot 2, 3 Blk. 76 - Beard & Wares; Lot 6 Blk. 147 - Schl. Comm. Addn.; Blk. 16 - Lee Woolf Addn.: Sec. 36T18R12.
    Charles & Melisa Brown to Todd m. & Melissa D. Wink - Lot 3 Blk. 2 - LouAllen Court Subdivision.
    James R. & Ursula E.Hardy, co-trustees, The Hardy Trust to Robosch Holdings LLC - Sec. 3T17R10.
    William W. Phyllis J. Stevens to Renee M. & Amy A. Jones - Lot 5 - Country View Subdivision.
    Terri R. Carlton to Chelsie Renae Carlton - Lot 15 & 16 - Charles Harre Subdivision.
    Roger D. Taylor to Roger D. and Tina S. Taylor - Sec. 28T18R11.
    Jason S. Coil to Vernon S. and Veda L. Coil, trust - Lot 3 Blk. 76 - Beard & Ware’s.
    Tracey Siegle, guardian & Marilyn Siegle to Venita Kilby, undivided 1/2 int. and Vance M. Masten & Audra R. Kalvor, undivided 1/4 interests. - Sec. 19T17R10 - Sec. 30T17R10.
    Donald L. and Jennifer L. Barrett-Hinkle to William C. & Kim West - Lot 12 - Gillcrest Estate 2nd Addn.
    Fred E. & Annette M. Davis, co-trustees, Davis Family trust to Fred E. & Annette M. Davis, trustee and Davis Family Trust - Lot 8 - J.F. Robinson Subdivision.
    Carla J. Valenti, executor & Arthur L. Smith, deceased to Kenneth & Brenda Collins - Lot 10 & 11 - Western Slope.
    Bears Stearns asset Backed Securities Ins to Charles Addison Force - Lot 88 - Original Town of Chandlerville - Lot 1 J.A. Paddock.
    Kaylia M. Cagle, Independent admn. & Terry M. Cagle estate to Kendall E. Terri J. & Justin Tippey - Lot 5 Blk. 157 -Schl Comm Addn.
    Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Trustee to Shiloh C.P. Church, Inc - Sec. 31T18R10.
    Cora M. Scheer to Robert H. & Margie R. Cunningham - Sec. 31T17411.
    David L. Roberts, SR. to Brittany E. Carroll - Sec. 20T17R8.
    Bettie J. Utter, Pamela Ann Utter Lambert & John David Utter to Kody Burgett - Sec. 24T18R12.

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