How to start plants from seed with simple supplies

    Before we know it we’ll be seeing seed and garden catalogs in our mailboxes. If you’re like me, you’re also receiving emails with all the pretty pictures of new varieties of vegetables and flowers and of course you say you want them all. The choice to grow plants from seed is a fulfilling one, but one that needs a few basic supplies and a little planning.
    When getting ready to start your seeds, make sure to start with both high-quality seed-starting mixes that are sterilized and free of weed seeds and diseases, as well as clean seed-starting containers. Sterile potting mix also helps reduce the risk of disease for germinating/growing seedlings. There are various options for containers, from plastic flats to peat pots to pots made from newspaper that are rolled around a form. If you are reusing plastic containers from the previous year or you have doubts about whether or not they are clean, use a solution of water and 10% bleach to help clean and sterilize, but make sure to thoroughly rinse the container off afterwards. Once the containers are ready for planting, make sure to follow instructions on the seed packets for proper planting depth.  Plant at the wrong depth and the seed may not have enough resources to reach through the soil surface.

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