The Way of the Cross

    A remarkable transformation occurs in the disciples between the events in Mark 8 - 10 and those in Acts 2. What made the difference in their lives before and after Pentecost? The key change is in the way they thought and understood. Before Pentecost they had a notion that power, position, and possessions could solve all human problems. By all appearances, many still believe this today. The disciples believed that if Jesus was on the throne in Jerusalem, He would clean up the world, and they were ready to be His prime ministers to help Him accomplish the world-changing task. These earnest yet ignorant men did not have the foggiest idea of the price that had to be paid to bring redemption from one life to another. In their natural minds they assumed that redemption, like obedience, could be imposed and coerced. They desired to be part of a kingdom of power. Little did they realize the vastness of the gulf between their way and the way of Jesus.

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