U.S. Cellular network, store investments

    To keep up with the ever-changing wireless needs of its customers, U.S. Cellular® continued to invest in its network and store environment in 2016. The company provides 4G LTE network service to 99 percent of its customers, and has continued to update its retail stores. Here in Illinois, U.S. Cellular invested $9.67 million in its award-winning network to help enhance consumers’ lives, increase the competitiveness of local businesses and improve the efficiency of government operations.
    As wireless technology has extended beyond the smartphone and tablet and in to Internet of Things (IoT) and connected homes, U.S. Cellular redesigned many of its stores in order to display and demonstrate these devices for customers. In Illinois, five retail locations were redesigned in 2016, and the company invested $711,699 to ensure that its customers had a great in-store experience.

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