Tips on what to avoid during fall clean-up in the garden

    Eeek! It’s October already. Where did September go? Wait, where is 2017 going? Sometimes life seems to move so fast and we get wrapped up in the daily grind and we blink and the gardening season is coming to an end. There is still work to do in the garden – typical fall clean up, but there are definitely some things you should avoid.
    It’s so easy to take a walk outside to do fall yard clean up and pull out a pair or pruners, the loppers, or a hand saw and prune up trees and shrubs. Pause the pruners! Now is not a great time to be pruning trees and shrubs. If you prune now you’ll encourage the plant to develop new growth that won’t have time to harden off before winter. You should though make sure to remove any diseased, dead, or damaged branches.

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