Time to think about lawn care

    It’s almost April and now is the time that everyone starts thinking about lawn care. The grass is greening up and plants are starting to grow again, daffodils are blooming, and garden work has started.  You may be looking at your lawn and wondering where to start; maybe you have a few bare patches or the entire lawn is thinning out. I often receive questions about when to reseed or seed new lawns, when to apply crabgrass preventer and when to start fertilizing lawns, and there is still time to do all of them.
    Here are a few quick spring lawn care pointers.
    Grass grows quickly with a bit of warmth and rain and before you know it you’ll be bringing out the mower. Your turf will do better and thank you for it if you keep it at two to two-and-a-half inches high after mowing, which means mowing when your grass is three to four inches high. As soon as it’s tall enough to mow – start mowing it, don’t wait.

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