Tiger Nation fundraiser

    At the March school board meeting, the board approved the continuation of not funding any middle school sport or activity for the 2017-2018 school year. This is the fourth year in a row for the school board to make this determination.
    In the last three years, Tiger Nation Booster Club has been able to raise the necessary funds to donate to the school to enable the reinstatement of the sports and activities for all middle school students. This cut affects not only sports, but any activity a child participates in during the school year outside the core curriculum.  Baseball, softball, basketball, all fees paid to referees, coaches salaries, and stipends to teachers who are the sponsors of all activities are all funded by Tiger Nation. The cost is $30,000 and has been for the last three years. Tiger Nation has raised and donated over $100,000 to the school so that no child would miss the opportunity to compete, perform, and participate in whatever activity they chose.

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