Spring tips for the home garden and landscape

    Spring has a way of surprising us year to year. Already my daffodils are up, and lilacs are beginning to leaf out. Crocus are in full bloom, and the forsythia are poised to start their show any day. My lawn mower hibernates in my garage, and it seems I may have to wake it early this year. Following are some tips on getting the landscape and garden in shape.
    Your turf may be a poor sight, especially with our lack of protective snow cover this winter.
    One of the most overlooked items on a spring checklist is getting your lawn mower serviced. Getting an annual service ensures your mower is running in tip-top shape and can help prolong your mower’s life. Besides the oil change and new air filter, an annual service should also include sharpening your mower blades. You want to ensure the blades are sharp enough to leave a crisp, clean cut on the lawn.

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