River Rat Golf Classic results

The results of the River
Rat Golf Classic hosted
Feb. 24 by Beardstown
Main Street are as follows:
Winners of the Costume
Golfing Grannies – Vonnie
Stambaugh, Cathy Benzil,
Rita Lindley, Gwen Icenogle
1st Place Golfers—
Dimpled Balls, 84 – Jacob
Dotzert, Terry Comiskey,
Mark Hagen, Allison Hagen
2nd Place Golfers— A
tie between OG Mud Bonners
(Herter Sales & Services),
89 – Dan Herter,
Kody Burgett, Nick Mc-
Combs, Chad Fischer,
and The Dirty Birdies, 89
– Brad Fox, Gabe Seward,
Mike White, CJ White
3rd Place Golfers—A
tie between Clay Street
Mafia, 90 – Steve Smith,
Jack Bell, Timmy Richards,
Cody Bell, and
The Fore-Nicators, 90
– Kyleigh Hutson, Ben
Slusser, Stephanie Brown,
Kevin “Old Pup.”