Rally around the flag

Focus on Faith

This Saturday we cel-ebrate Veterans Day. I’m so proud to be an Ameri-can and feel indebted to the men and women who have paid the ultimate price to not only protect our freedom in this coun-try, but also to secure and provide freedom for oth-ers around the world.
 I sort of feel like I’m “parking on someone else’s’ nickel” concern-ing the freedom I enjoy.  And being a “flag-wa-ver” myself and one who still has tears come to my eyes during the playing of our “National Anthem,” I’m bothered by those who don’t stand and pay real allegiance to the flag while our nation’s song is being played.
 It’s time to “ral-ly around the flag,” wouldn’t you agree?  There is nothing quite as stirring as seeing our na-tion’s flag flying in the wind.

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