Opera house to present ‘Duck, Duck, Shoot!’

    On Nov. 4, 5, and 6, The Beardstown Opera House will be presenting the original play, “Duck… Duck… SHOOT!,” written and directed by Beardstown resident, David V. Miller. The play revolves around the annual ritual of the family duck hunt, something that more than a few Beardstown residents are familiar with. It is set simultaneously at the Mercer family residence and at the duck marsh where the hunt takes place.
    The story involves moments of reflective woods lore, philosophy, video gaming for the elderly and, of course, duck hunting. The audience will meet life-long friends “Skeeter” Henderson and Fred Mercer, along with their extended families. While the women and the dry-witted grandfather stay at home to prepare an opening day meal of culinary wonders, the men “sally forth” into the wilderness to answer that primal call to hunt and, subsequently, provide meat for the table.

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