A new man takes the reigns at Beardstown Schools

    At the annual budget meeting held last Wednesday night, it was a different atmosphere than the “gloom and doom” scenario of last year. There was more of an air of optimism in the room than there was just one year ago.
    That is not to say things are not still going to be tough though. The financial crisis still exists that has loomed over schools in the past. The state of Illinois will continue to come up short on school funding in the coming year and the same difficult cuts that have been made will have to remain in place. However, in a conversation with incoming Superintendent Ron Gilbert, things are looking “cautiously optimistic.” “We’re in a position to do some strategic planning,” he said. He stated that, with the previous plans that the school board has implemented, the need for large-impact decisions may not be as necessary in Beardstown as they will be in other Illinois schools. “Things will continue to improve during this financial crisis,” he said. “We’re in a place where, through fiscal responsibility and planning, we can adjust.”

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