Midwest Corn Lawsuit comes to Cass County

A lawsuit is underway against Syngenta AG, a Swiss seed company, for commercialization without trade approval.
    The lawsuit, dubbed Midwest Corn Lawsuit, is suing Syngenta for selling their Viptera corn seed to farmers with the promise that the product was cleared for international trade. In fact, at the time of sale, China had yet to approve  the import of Viptera. China therefore denied the import of US corn, and the global market followed suit, leading to a severe drop in the selling price of corn per bushel.
    Anna Hardin, amongst other attorneys, has recruited corn farmers and landowners across 22 midwestern states to sue the company. The lawsuit is constantly looking for more plaintiffs, however, and assures anyone wishing to join in the suit that there is no cost to join - all legal fees are covered by Midwest Corn Lawsuit. Should the lawsuit prove successful, plaintiffs would receive compensation based on the number of bushels of corn they produced which were affected by the post-Viptera destabilization of the corn market.

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