Memories of growing up in the Congregational Church in Beardstown

    I was born in 1924 in the last house on 3rd Street in Beardstown. Our town was small but could brag about having lots of churches. My Grandfather Jones was a preacher and lived on the East side of town. He would go and preach where he was asked. They called him Brother Harv. My mother played the piano for the singing in whatever church he was invited in, and it seemed he was requested by several. In fact, he even went by rowboat down the river to a little church when they needed him. I would usually sit on the piano bench with my mother whenever she went to play.
    But growing up there were six of us kids, so Mom enrolled us all in the Congregational Church on 3rd and Washington Street. Reverend Beddoes was our preacher. It was a big beautiful church that faced 3rd Street and had lots of steps as it sat high on the lot.

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