Looking back at hospitals in Beardstown

    When Thomas Beard first settled in what was later to become Beardstown, it was 1820 and known as a Kickapoo town and also called “Mound Village,” but by about 1830 many people started to come in and settle here by the river. Thomas Beard and friends laid out the plans of our town and so with more people settling here, more buildings and stores were needed. Also, it was being noted doctors and offices were needed and later a hospital would be needed to care for the people. Also churches were being built; also hotels, schools, and stores were springing up.
    In about 1837 to 1849 a Methodist church was built on 5th and State Street, but before being used as a church it was used as a hospital, as there was an epidemic of cholera and a hospital was needed. This was to become our first hospital in Beardstown.


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