Lincoln Land Community College graduates

    Lincoln Land Community College conferred more than 1,950 certificates and degrees at the college’s commencement ceremony Friday, May 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield. The following students have completed programs of study at the college. (Graduate status pending transcript evaluation.) The list below is in alphabetical order by hometown and includes degrees and certificates conferred and the students’ names.
    One asterisk indicates a graduate with honors (3.50-3.74). Two asterisks indicate a graduate with high honors (3.75 and higher). A student meeting the requirements for two or more of the same certificate but in different areas of study is indicated with a number in parentheses behind his/her name.
    Associate in Arts - Abbigail Milby
    Certificate of Achievement - Matthew Privia**
    Certificate of Completion - Johnathan Medlock, Cydney Musch, Katelin Rebbe
    Associate in Applied Science - Justin T. Crowhurst*, Ashlynn M. Holmes, Michael Ross**
    Associate in Arts - Samantha Jae Parker, McKenzie Stephens
    Associate in General Education - Ashlynn M. Holmes
    Associate in Science - Michael Ross**
    Certificate of Completion - Austin Crowhurst, Heather Gleason, Drake Houser, Sarah Newell
    Associate in Applied Science - Sarai Ayala**, Jackelin Chavez, Tammy Kay Collins**, Alissa Breann Fritz, Kimberli A. Sanchez, Deborah M. Spears
    Associate in Arts - Cody Lee Chrzanowski*, Alejandra De Los Santos, Eduardo Flores, Oliver P. Hoenes, Gabriela Montoya, Austin Richard Pilger*, Dayana Santiago Robles, Justice Wrobleski
    Associate in General Education - Sarai Ayala**, Jackelin Chavez, Myrna M. Montilla, Dayana Santiago Robles, Kimberli A. Sanchez, Damigou Tome
    Associate in Science - Fabian Guijosa Serrano, Jacob Edward Lux*, Nathan Levi Moore*, Robert Ndaye Muange**, Lisset G. Perez Carapia**, Aileana L. Rawlins**, Araceli Jazmin Reyna Solis, Lizzet G. Rodriguez Barrera, Daniela Sanchez
    Certificate of Achievement - Britney A. Davis, Kirstin J. Kitch, Rakibou Ouro-Bagna, Blanca  Reyes, Irvink Ronquillo, Kristina D. Scego-Gibson, Mitchel R. Seward
    Certificate of Completion - Lisbeth Escobar, Erika L. Hull, Haley Pate, Daisy Renteria, Rita Santacruz, Tawni Stanley, Vanessa Thurman, Richard A. Watkins
    Associate in Applied Science - Quentin Ratliff
    Associate in Applied Science - April Leinberger (2)*
    Certificate of Achievement - James C. Reed III*
    Associate in Applied Science - Ian J. Pyatt**
    Associate in General Education - Matt Dixon, Joseph A. Strattman
    Certificate of Achievement - Dylan Fortney, Kory Kleinschmidt*, Ian J. Pyatt (2)**, Logan H. Walters, Colton W. Wooldridge
    Certificate of Completion - Olivia Rose Garrett, Kory Kleinschmidt, Joseph A. Strattman
    Certificate of Completion - Stephanie Lynn Mangold
    Certificate of Achievement - Anna C. Flowers
    Associate in Arts - Katy J. Downs, Nathaniel B. Moore
    Certificate of Completion - Grecia Zabala
    Associate in Applied Science - Nellie Nash*
    Associate in Arts - Abigail Brunk, Quinn Dearing, Julie Mohn*
    Associate in Engineering Science - Joshua George Scott*
    Associate in Science - Neal Andrew Taylor**
    Certificate of Completion - Alexis Rosmary Irlam, Gerald Wayne Lorton, Kylee Paige McIntyre

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