A Journey Toward God

    Some years ago C.S. Lewis wrote in his book, The Joyful Christian, of giving a speech about God to the Royal Air Force. He said an older officer listened but said, “I’ve no use for all that stuff.” He went on to say he did know there was a God. He had felt God’s presence when he was all alone in the desert at night. He looked at God as a tremendous mystery. The officer said God can’t be described by all your neat formulas. I believe there are a lot of people right here in Beardstown who would agree with that officer. A lot of people say, “I am spiritual, but not religious.” That can mean many things. It can mean I like feeling God’s presence when I’m all alone, or I like to see the wonder of God in all creation, in the beauty of a sunrise or sunset, or the powerful waves of the ocean.

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