Flowers for Mickey

One afternoon, three children (two boys and a girl) entered a flower shop. They were about 9 or 10 years old, raggedly dressed, but at this moment well-scrubbed. One of the boys took off his cap and gazed around the store somewhat doubtfully, then came up to the person who owned the store and said, “Sir, we’d like something in yellow flowers.”
    There was something in their tense, nervous manner that made the man think that this was a very special occasion. He showed them some inexpensive yellow spring flowers. The boy who was the spokesman for the group shook his head, “I think we’d like something better than that.”
    The man asked, “Do they have to be yellow?” The boy answered, “Yes, sir. You see, Mickey would like ‘em better if they were yellow. He had a yellow sweater. I guess he’d like yellow better than any other color.”

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