FFF 2017 Car Show Results

    Class B: Ed Sammons, Macomb: 1955 Ford Thunderbird; First. Derek Kleidon, White Hall: 1967 Chevy Impala; Second.
    Class BB: Terry & Bettie Blair, Pekin: 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser; Best MOPAR. Tom Crowe, Browning: 1967 Pontiac GTO; First. John Carpenter, Springfield: 1932 Roadster; Second.
    Class C: Phil & Mary Murray, Beardstown: 1969 Chevy Chevelle; First, Mayor’s Choice. Bob Hohimer, Palmyra: 1973 Ford LTD; Second. Tom and Marlene Spears, Frederick: 1978 Mercury Marquis; Third. John Westbrook, Pittsfield: 1978 Pontiac TransAm. Steve Herter, Beardstown: 1975 Ford Ranchero.
    Class D: Larry Taylor, Macomb: 1993 Chevy Camaro Z28; First. Donna Blake, Beardstown: 1990 Mazda Miata; Second.
    Class E: Mark Koster, Springfield: 2009 Dodge Challenger RT; First. Paige Ballinger, Springfield: 2009 Dodge Challenger; First. Virgil Yaste, Marietta: 2010 Dodge Challenger; Second. Jeremie Seymour, Rushville: 2016 Dodge Charger; Second. Kevin Johnson, Abingdon: 2004 Chevy Intimidator SS; Third. Ian Dennis, Arenzville: 2012 Cadillac CTS-V; Third.
    Class  F: Barb & Monty Hodge, Arenzville: 1970 Pontiac GTO; First.
    Class G: Ralph & Anna Parkinson, Bryant: 1992 Ford Mustang LX; First. Rex & Sharon Warren, Petersburg: 1968 Ford Mustang; Second.
    Class H: Craig Danner, Astoria: 1993 Ford Mustang; First.
    Class I: Larry Long, Beardstown: 1970 Chevy Corvette Stingray; First.
    Class J: Elmer & Sue Fritzcsche, Litchfield: 2005 Chevy SSR; First, Longest Distance. Jerry Franklin, Pekin: 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser GT Convertible; First, Little Miss. Greg Hoke, Macomb: 1970 Ford XL Galaxy; Third.
    Class K: Scooty Blake, Beardstown: 2002 Mazda Miata; First.
    Class L: Mike Murray, Beardstown: 1992 Chevy S10; First.
    Class M: Phil Collins, Ipava: 2015 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat; First. Ola & Don Adcock, Abingdon: 1985 Chevy El Camino Conquista; Second, Longest Married. James & Bonnie Huff, Macomb: 2001 Ford Pickup; Third.
    Class N: Charles Sturgeon, Kilbourne: 1930 Ford Pickup Model A; First. Bruce and Faye Desha, White Hall: 1953 Ford Pickup F100; Second. Harvey Spears, Beardstown: 1990 Chevy Pickup SS-502; Third. Dempsey Smith, Macomb: 1990 Chevy Pickup SS-454; Third.
    Class NJ: Jeff Baer, Beardstown: 2017 Chevy Corvette; FFF Little Prince.
    Class O: Ed Gorny, Petersburg: 1959 Willys Overlander Utility Wagon; First. John & Judy Curless, Macomb: 2005 Dodge Dakota; Second.
    Class P: Mark McQueen, Pittsfield: 1972 GMC Jimmy; First. Sherry & Greg Ragain, LaHarpe: 1996 Ford F250; Second. Sherry & Greg Ragain, LaHarpe: 2002 Chevy 2500 HD; Third. Tracy Ashcraft, Beardstown: 1987 Chevy K5 Blazer; Little Mister.
    Class Q: Jere & Joann Willis, Ashland: 1933 Ford Coupe; First. Jerry & Coe Churchill Sr, Jacksonville: 1931 Chevy Sedan; Second. Ronald Pond, Tallula: 1932 Ford Duece; No Show.
    Class R: John Carpenter, Springfield: 1936 Chevy Panel; First, Mike Grimes. Neil Fansler, White Hall: 1937 Ford Deluxe Pickup; First. John Crowe, Beardstown: 1937 Chevy Coupe; Second. Red Brobston, Vermont: 1951 Ford; Third. Gerald Warden, Beardstown: 1939 Chevy Coupe. Paul Fansler, White Hall: 1940 Ford 2 Door. Mike Mibbs, Kilbourne: 1951 Ford Pickup.
    Class S: Carmen & Barb Rose, Macomb: 1957 Chevy Belair; First. Jan Potter, Petersburg: 1957 Chevy Belair; First. Tony & Vicki Pirano, Pekin: 1957 Chevy Belair; Second. Kenny Cox, Beardstown: 1957 Chevy Belair; Third, Queen’s Choice. Bob Edlin, Versailles: 1957 Chevy Belair.
    Class T: Debbie Crowe, Browning: 1965 Chevy Chevelle; First.
    Class U: Ehron Stout, Easton: 1968 Pontiac Firebird; Best of Show. Buck Henken, Mt Sterling: 1967 Pontiac GTO; Best Street Machine. Greg Hoke, Macomb: 1968 Chevy Camaro; First. Jim & Virginia Blevins, Mason City: 1970 Chevy Chevelle; First, Police Chief. Phil & Mary Murray, Beardstown: 1968 Chevy Chevelle; Second. Jim Heatherly, Pleasant Hill: 1969 Mopar Superbee; Third.
    Class V: Ken Robinson, Hillsboro: 2013 Chevy Camaro ZL1; First. Steve File, Palmyra: 1974 Chevy Nova Hatch Back; First, FFF Committee. Gary & Miles Hurt, Plymouth: 1978 Chevy Monte Carlo; Third.
    Class W: David Sayers, Browning: 1948 Willys CJ2A; First. Joshua Miller, Arenzville: 1927 Ford Model T; Second.
    Class X: Eddie Johnson, Springfield: 2012 Chevy Camaro RS;  Best GM. Bruce Voorhees, Springfield: 2011 Chevy Camaro; Best Stock, FFF Little Princess.
    Class Y: Randy Jarrett, Beardstown: 1983 Chevy Camaro; First.
    Class Z: Neil Danner, Astoria: 1983 Ford Van; Best Ford.

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