Exchange Club listens to citizenship presentation

Tatiana Gullavoguie told of her experiences in becoming a United States Citizen to the members of the Exchange Club of Beardstown at their regular meeting on July 21. Tatiana, whose birthday is on July 4, has been in the USA for seven years, moving to Illinois with her brothers six years ago. She attended school here and currently works three days a week at the local library and helps with summer school. She was encouraged to seek citizenship by her aunt, who is a teacher in the Beardstown schools, and was further motivated by a desire to return to her native Guinea to visit her mother. She found the requirements for obtaining citizenship online and after much studying, several trips to St. Louis, paying all the necessary fees, interruptions because of illness, and many months of waiting to hear, was notified by the US Immigration Service of the date for her interview. The questions asked during the interview proved to be much easier and fewer in number than she had anticipated and on June 17 she was sworn in as a United States Citizen in Springfield.

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