Exchange Club hears SASS presentation

    SASS Supervisor of Cass County Mental Health, Lori Hance, was the featured speaker at the regular meeting of the Exchange Club of Beardstown. Screening, Assessment, and Support Services provides intensive mental health services for children and youth. The children served must have a medical card or no form of insurance and be experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts and exhibiting aggressive behavior, threatening behavior (both verbal and physical), or risk-taking behavior. Currently 65 children are being served. Ages of those served have ranged from 16 months to 21 years. Lori stated the children being worked with today differ vastly from those being served in 2007 due largely to advancements in and accessibility to electronics. The goals the counselors help the children work toward include: being more respectful, paying attention, getting along with siblings, keeping hands to oneself, self-esteem, coping skills, and socialization. A new program this year is Project Relief that focuses on the hour after school is over - a time when participants are most likely to get into trouble. There is also a summer program that includes outings to movies and trips to Cardinal baseball games as well as participation in community projects.

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