County Board gets COVID-19 update

In an update to the Cass County Board provided during a public safety committee meeting held ahead of the full board meeting Monday, Teresa Armstrong, County Health Department director, told the board there were no confirmed coronavirus cases in Cass County as of Monday, but because of limitations placed on testing, there was no real way of knowing whether the virus had made its way to the county.
Armstrong told the board testing restrictions imposed by the Illinois Department of Public Health called for testing only for those patients for whom a
positive test result would require hospitalization.
Armstrong said guidance for anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms is to first contact their primary care provider (preferably by phone) before going to the doctor’s office or seeking emergency room care. She reminded board members that staying home, maintaining social distancing when out of the house, and frequent hand washing were the best ways to limit individual exposure.
During the committee meeting, the board also learned the county had acquired several Tyvek coverall suits to be worn by police, fire and ambulance personnel when responding to calls involving a potentially positive COVID-19 patient.