Chapin attorney to address train issue

    There has been a long train running in the village of Chapin. That train is the Norfolk Southern Railway and the issue is that it has blocked all north-south intersections in the village and in Bethel most of the days this past week.  Village Attorney Alan Yow has been in touch with representatives from the railway.  Norfolk Southern cites longer than normal trains on the tracks as late, partly due to an increased economy.
    In a personnel move, trustees accepted a recommendation from Village President Robert Luttrell to appoint Mary Rae Brockhouse to a partial term as Village Trustee. Her late husband had held the position until his death this past month. Max Brockhouse was a former Village President. His seat is on the April 2020 ballot.


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    In last week’s Focus, I wrote about two doors listed in the Scriptures. One door was an open door which God gives as an invitation to hope and our calling, an open door which no one can shut.