Cass COVID cases show 4th straight double-digit increase

  • Cass COVID cases shows 4th straight double-digit increase
    Cass COVID cases shows 4th straight double-digit increase

With more than 30 new COVID-19 cases reported in the last week, Cass County now ranks as the county with the highest per capita case rate in the state, (based on a population of 100,000), according to information provided by the Cass County Health Department.  
Last Wednesday morning, the county’s positive case count stood at 262.  By Tuesday afternoon, the count stood at 297. Of the 35 new cases reported, only two were linked to the COVID-19 outbreak at Beardstown’s Heritage Manor.
Beardstown remains the county’s hot spot with 184 confirmed cases followed by Virginia with 76, Chandlerville with 17, Arenzville with 10 and Ashland with 9.
“This is the fourth week in a row that we have been identified as having signs of increased  risk of community-spread transmission,”said Teresa Armstrong, director of the Cass County Health Department. “What this means is that in spite of testing availability to all residents and continued encouragement for our community members to change behaviors, we aren’t seeing the improvements we need.”
Armstrong believes if there isn’t a downturn in the numbers being reported in Cass, Sangamon, Morgan, Adams and McDonough counties, Region III may well see a roll back to  the phase three restrictions that were recently imposed in other areas of the state last week.
“The justification for those stricter guidelines was identified using the same metrics that Cass County is struggling with now,” she said. “It is up to all of us to take personal responsibility to reduce the spread. The reality is that our livelihoods have been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Without an adequate response from all of us as a community, we may find Cass County impacted even further.”
As of Tuesday, the total number recovered was 249, with 37 active cases and 11 deaths. Two people are hospitalized.
Mask requirements
Governor Pritzker on Tuesday announced an expanded statewide policy requiring customers to wear a mask when interacting with staff at a bar or restaurant. “To open businesses and to keep them open, we must slow the rate of infection across the state,” he said.