Cass County Courthouse News

    Information as recorded in the Cass County Courthouse, Virginia, Illinois.

    Gisel Cavez from Alberto Chavez.
    Charles Todd Neese from Sonya B. Neese.
Property Transfers
    The Sweatman Family Living Trust, Glenn W. and Kathleen J. Sweatman, Co-Trustees, to Ronald E. and Lou Ann Sweatman Trust, for Lands in Section 25, T18R11.
    Donald F. and Cindy L Pritchard, Warranty Deed to David and Carolyn Fickas, for Lots 1 & 2, Block 59 in Original Town of Ashland.
    Joseph J. and Brooke E. Merwin, Warranty Deed, to Jordan L. Snyder for Lands in Section 2 &11 in T18R10.
    Claudia Nelsa Hart, John Howard Spradlin and Ellen Jo Lapota, each 1/3 undivided interest, Warranty Deed to Lesley and David Newell, for Lot 10, Block 91 in the Original Town of Ashland.
    Russell James Lucas, Sr, Russell James Lucas, Jr, Warranty Deed to Troy D. Sims for Lot 26 in Robert Hall’s 1st Addition, Virginia.
    Charles Middaugh (by POA), Wyllia McClure, POA, Warranty Deed to Jeffrey G. Unland for Lot 9, Bock 43 in Sch. Comm. Addn, Beardstown.
    Roy Lee and Tracy Dinette Garrett, Warranty Deed to Katrina M. Schreiner for Lands in Section 12, T18R10.
    Adam L. and Breanna L. Winkelman, Warranty Deed to Devron and Holly Ohrn for Section 26, T17R12.
    MLIP02, LLC, Warranty Deed to Kyle D. and Kaitlyn J. Dodson, for Lots 4 & 5, Block 132 in the Original Town of Ashland.
    Leo Paul Savage, Warranty Deed to Travis and Tori Capps, for Lot 3, Block 1 in Shady Grove Estates Subdivision, Beardstown.
    Devron D. and Holly N. Ohrn, Warranty Deed to Kendra Matlby for Lot 1, Skyview Subdivision, Virginia.
    Ronald J. Hamann, Warranty Deed to Ernest W. and Robine R. Bolen for Part of Lot 1, Block 34, March & Beard Addition, Beardstown.

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