Cass County Courthouse News

    Jarintzy Lua from Jesus E. Lua Mendoza.
    Mary F. Hogg from Paul R. Hogg.
    Justin Richmond from Estafania Richmond.
Property Transfers
    Duane Rogers, Independent Administrator, Velma Darlene Rogers Estate, Indep. Adm. Deed to Duane Rogers for Lot 10 in Hall & Thomas Addn, Virginia.
    Richard Glen and Robyn E. Lovekamp, Warranty Deed to Richard G. and Robyn E. Lovekamp for Part of Lot 25, T17R12.
    Calvin Lewis and Brenda Louise Anderson, Quit Claim Deed to Virginia Christina Taylor for Lot 6 in Block 148 of Sch Comm Addn Beardstown.
    Michael R. Mullen, Trustee, MLS Trust, Trustee Deed to David and Caroline Wells, for Lots 1 & 2 in Block 9, Havekluft & Ehrhardt Addn, Beardstown.
    Jeffrey Shayne and Casey Diane Smith, Warranty Deed to Chelsee C. Cornelius for Lot 2, Block 2 in Louallen Court Subdivision, Beardstown.
    Troy Kinstle, Warranty Deed to Matthew T. Klett for Lot 44 and Part Lots 43 & 45 in Charles Harrer’s Subdivision, Beardstown.
    Teresa Barralaga, Warranty Deed to Juan Manuel Felix Garcia for Lot 2, Block 12, Clendenin Addn, Beardstown.
    Travis and Tori Capps, Warranty Deed to Lester Ragan, Michael David Ragan, Larry Leroy Ragan, Delores Colleen Tollefson, Stephen Dudley Ragan for Lot 13 in Oak Grove Court, Beardstown.
    JB Red LTD, Corporate Warranty Deed to Michigan Main LLC, for Lot 5 in Block 131 and Lots 7 & 8 in Block 127, Sch Comm Addn, Beardstown.
    Jeffrey D. Staake, Warranty Deed to Kelly L. Snow, Jeffrey G. Unland, for Lot 1 in Tower View Subd, Beardstown.
    Beardstown Savings SB, Corporate Warranty Deed to Hector A. Rodreguez Rivera, Adalis Roberiguez Rivera for Lot 1, Block 49 in March & Beard Addn, Beardstown.
    Hector A. Rodriguez Rivera, Adalis Rodriguez Rivera, Warranty Deed to Mario Gonzalez Lopez for Lot 1, Block 49, March & Beard Addn, Beardstown.

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    Recently, two friends explained to me that my article published on Feb. 6 hurt and angered many folks in the community, veterans in particular. I’m thankful they cared enough to come to me.