Cass County Courthouse News

From the Cass County Courthouse:


Gregory D. Oster and Amy J. Oster.

Ronald Ariel Castro-Rivera and Elizabeth Gonzales Baez.

Russell E. Coats and Davelyn P. Coats.

Magrid Munoz Carvajal and Nestor Laureiro.

Property Transfers-

Jared Sheppard to Overet Guilavogui & Marie Kone - Lot 9 Blk 65- Schl Comm Addn.

Carl J. Burgett to Ronnie A. Burgett - Lot 4 & 5 Blk 3- P.M. Combes Subdivision.

Alisha Collins to Wendy Marie Simmons - Lot 1, 2, 3 Blk 119- Original Town of Ashland.

August Jack Coats to Roberto Lariz Esqueda- Lot 3 & 4 Blk 125- Schl Comm Addn.

Kelly L. & Shawn McCoy to Martin Carapia Ruiz and Bertha Ruiz- Lot 7 Blk 68- March & Beard.

Renee Nichole Stucker to Renee Nichole Stucker, Julia Katharyn & William Louis Kunzeman- Lot G- Original Town of Arenzville.

Cass County Sheriff, Cass County Circuit Court, Heather Stocker, Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC & NationStar Mortgage LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation- Sec 11 T18R12.

Kalonji Jose Ntambue & Jeannie Keijamulenda to Rosa Gil Pelle- Lot 6 Blk 25- Schl Comm Addn.

Robert E. & Eleanor K. Talkemeyer and Jay W. & Dianna Talkemeyer to Dennis R. Moore- Sec 25 T18R12- Sec 24 T18R12.

Paradigm Investments LLC to Wesley D. & Lara R. Helmich- Lot 1 Subd Lots 6&7 S.H. & J. A. Petefish Addn.

Paul H. & Penny L. Ambert to Trenton J. & Hannah M. Lovekamp- Lot 5&6- Tower View 3rd Addn.

Patricia A. Ruppel AIF & Carole A. WIlken by POA to Wade A. & Robert Danner- Lot 5 Blk 22- K.H. Chandler's Addn.

Richard & Norma Kirchner, Michael & Kathy Privia, Luke & Paula Shores & Brian & Lisa Privia to Cynthia Bobbitt- Sec 3 T18R10.

Brian Days to Roger Lee Days- Lot 8 Blk 51- Original Town of Beardstown.

Allen L. Stock to Jason Stock- Lot 3&4- Blk 2- Original Town of Arenzville.

Arenzville Fire Department to Arenzville Fire Protection District Inc.- Lot 10 Blk 2- Original Town of Arenzville.

Blex Property Managements Group LLC to Michael Ray Pinkston- Sec 30 T19R11.

Darcie M. McGovern to Rhianna S. Dennis- Lot 5&6 Blk 17- Schl Comm Addn and Lot 5 Blk 2- Clendenin.

Beardstown Savings SB to Silvia Ramerez Reyes- Lot 10&11 Blk 46- Schl Comm Addn.

Wade B. & Lydia R. Mathis to Gregory A. & Deborah J. Hughes trustees & Gregory A. & Deborah J. Hughes trust- Lot 4 Blk 18- Arenzville.

Larry D. Brogdon to Jeffrey & Patricia Brogdon- Sec 20 T18R10.

June T. Connor to June T. Connor trust- Sec 16 T18R11- Sec21T18R11-Sec20T18R!!.

John W. & June C. Connor to June T. Connor trust- Lot 10- Welch's Subdivision.



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