Cass County continues rough COVID-19 roller coaster ride

  • Cass County continues rough COVID-19 roller coaster ride
    Cass County continues rough COVID-19 roller coaster ride

After a brief downturn in new cases that saw the county’s name taken off the state’s COVID-19 watch list, 26  new cases reported in the last week have again earned Cass County a spot on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s (IDPH) dubious distinction list.
Eleven new cases were reported Tuesday, making it one of  the county’s highest single day totals reported since the beginning of the pandemic. The 26 cases reported for the week are also among the highest weekly totals. Further, it follows on the heels of the Labor Day holiday.
County Health Department officials had anticipated a rise following the three-day end of summer holiday weekend. Positive case reports also went up in the wake of the Memorial Day and July 4th holiday weekends.
Being on the IDPH watch list means Cass County has again been identified as an area with an increased risk of COVID-19 spread.
As of last Wednesday morning, the county’s case count stood at 337. As of Tuesday night, the county’s number of confirmed cases had risen to 363. Currently, the total number of recovered patients stands at 320, while 11 patients have died. No county residents are currently hospitalized as a result of COVID-related illnesses.
Health department officials continue to urge Cass County residents to stay home as much as possible; to wear a mask when out in public and unable to maintain social separation; to wash hands frequently and avoid locations where safe COVID-19 practices are not being followed.