A-C students may soon see new laptops

    A-C students may soon be getting new laptop computers for their studies. Technology supervisor Brendan DeJaynes presented information to the A-C Central School Board at their regular meeting last week on a new device called a ThinkPad. DeJaynes touted them as an improvement in most respects over what A-C students are currently using. According to DeJaynes, the ThinkPad is faster, has more memory and a bigger screen, and is more durable than the units currently in use. One thing ThinkPads do not have is a swivel hinge to turn the screen, but the hinge has been one of the components on the current devices that has failed the most. DeJaynes also said he has found cases for the ThinkPads at half the price of what A-C has paid for cases in the past.
    Superintendent Tim Page discussed various legislative developments telling those in attendance not to expect answers from Springfield any time soon. He mentioned a bill to freeze property taxes which Page said would be devastating to school districts. He also mentioned a bill that would make it easier to hire teachers from out of state and another bill that may allow districts to opt out of certain unfunded mandates.

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