A-C considers Chandlerville options

    The A-C Central board began discussing options for new repairs to the Chandlerville Elementary building during last Wednesday’s regular meeting. Architect Joe Petty of JH Petty and Associates presented to the board on several items at the Chandlerville building that need repair or could be upgraded. The estimated cost of all items was $1.3 million; however, the board made no decisions and could choose not to pursue some of the upgrades. The biggest cost item was a ventilation system upgrade with an estimated cost in excess of $860,000. Other items included upgrades to lighting, the septic system, and the kitchen.
    But Petty pointed to two items as being urgent, the plumbing and a boiler replacement. Superintendent Tim Page added that after the last repairs to the plumbing, leaks will become a regular occurrence due to the age of the pipe. Petty had an estimate for replacement of $40,000.

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