A-C Central continues facility upgrade push

A-C Central continued its push for facility repairs and upgrades at last week’s meeting of the A-C school board. The board awarded a contract to a Peoria-based company for replacing wiring for the Ashland campus’s alarm system.
    The bid was for $78,000 but may be reduced at next month’s meeting. Part of the bid, explained architect Joe Petty, included the hire of a “fire watch” employee to monitor the building during off hours. However, that is not required by the regional office of education area A-C is part of. Removing the fire watch from the contract reduces the price of the contract to $62,000. The board accepted the $78,000 bid with the understanding there will be a change order reducing the contract’s cost to $62,000.
    The Chandlerville campus’s recently repaired bleachers have become an issue as an inspector recently refused to sign off on them. The district will approach the contractor who repaired the bleachers to do warranty work.


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