Bluffs Village Trustees talk aggressive dogs, ordinances

    Village Trustees in Bluffs are looking at options to put more of a bite in local ordinances. Trustees heard from residents regarding aggressive dogs that have been running amok in the Village. The village will choose one of three options to curb the issue at their next meeting to be held on Monday, Nov. 6 at 6:30 p.m.; concerned residents are urged to attend. One option is to sign a contract with Morgan County Animal control. Morgan county employs two full-time animal control officers. Neighboring Meredosia pays $1,800 annually for the animal control service. The second option keeps the answer closer to home: the request has been made to the Scott County board in regards to hiring a full-time animal control officer which in turn would cover the village. The final option is to allow the Bluffs police officers to take charge of the animal and then transport them to Pittsfield for incarnation. The animal owner must then pay the Village a $75 fine (currently $5) and then pay the Pittsfield facility $10 storage fee of the animal. The animal would be kept ten days before being destroyed.

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