Bluffs Library requests tax levy raise

    The Public Library is requesting the tax levy be raised in the Village of Bluffs. Ellen Graves was a guest at the May meeting of Village trustees on behalf of the library. Graves advised the board that the library has lost over $400 in grants during the last year and their budget for last year was $1,500. The current levy stands at .17 and Graves advises if it was raised to .25, the library would then qualify for other grants that are currently available. The matter will be listed on the agenda for the June 6 meeting and be further discussed at that time.
    In the unities report: an infestation of termites have been discovered in the restrooms at Lewis Park.  Orkin pest control submitted a bid of $1,425 for termite control which the board promptly declined. Trustees will seek more bids.

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