Blast from the Past 1/7

1 Year Ago
    January 8, 2015--Donations to the Beardstown Houston Memorial Library fund the digitization of old newspapers.
5 Years Ago
    January 15, 2011--Clint Theivagt is named Employee of the Year at the Beardstown Public Works Department.
15 Years Ago
    January 11, 2001--Leigh Morris reports that Cass County has been designated as an area with a health professional shortage.
25 Years Ago
    January 8, 1991--Edna Mallicoat and Mabel Buck are featured on the front page of the newspaper and celebrating their 104 and 102 birthdays, respectively.
40 Years Ago
    January 6, 1976--The Meyer family held their annual gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Meyer with a noon dinner.
55 Years Ago
    January 9. 1961--Mrs. W.E. Fischer is a featured speaker at a meeting of the Beardstown Garden Club, giving a talk titled “You and Your House Plants.”
70 Years Ago
    January 7, 1946--The Illinoian-Star reports that the river will crest at 17.5 feet over the coming weekend at Beardstown.
85 Years Ago
    January 7, 1931--H.J. Brannan announces that the Elks will hold their regular meeting that evening, January 7 at 8 p.m.
95 Years Ago
    January 5, 1921--St. John’s Lutheran Church reports that their membership has never been higher for church services and Sunday school classes. The First United Methodist Church is experiencing high numbers as well, due to their recent revivals.
120 Years Ago
    January 7, 1896--The Rathbone Sisters installed their new officers: Mrs. M.H. Harris, MEC, Mrs E.H. Stambaugh HC, Mrs. Fred Elrich, EH, Mrs Lydia Rugh, Manager, Mrs. J.C. Edson, M of R, Mrs E.W. Hurst, M of C, and Jennie Darling, Protector.

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