Beardstown Treasurer Candidate Profiles

Petie Ruch

    Current Employment: Beardstown City Clerk.
    Position: Beardstown City Clerk.
    Incumbent: Yes.
    Issues: With the lack of a State budget causing State shared revenues being down, plus the State of Illinois being behind several months paying its bills, it has impacted various City funds that could affect the City departments including the Clerk’s office. Keeping up with the constantly changing State laws including the Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information requirements that are the Clerk’s responsibility. Communication with a diverse constituency when they have water, sewer, code enforcement, and other City issues.
    Goals: Continue to provide courteous and prompt customer service, promote open government and fiscal responsibility within the Clerk’s office and the City as a whole. Digitize the 130-plus years of City records and go to a paperless agenda for the City Council and Committee meetings. Beginning in February, the City started an online payment option for the utility bill. With technology constantly changing, I will work to further enhance all areas of the Clerk’s office, including all accounting functions and the City’s website.
    Comments: The City will be electing a new Mayor. It will be vitally important to have experience and stability in the City Clerk’s office. I pledge to use my knowledge and experience to assist the Mayor and their administration through the complexities of City government and help them make informed decisions. With my education, knowledge and experience, I am the most qualified candidate and would appreciate your vote on April 4.


    In last week’s Focus, I wrote about two doors listed in the Scriptures. One door was an open door which God gives as an invitation to hope and our calling, an open door which no one can shut.