Beardstown School Board meets

    The public portion of the meeting of the Beardstown School Board was fairly short this month. There was a presentation concerning HVAC by Jeff Pennington, who explained that the system is up and running properly and that all of the rooms are maintaining a temperature within one half of a degree of each other. Mr. Pennington went on to explain that the rooms are cooler than the 78 degrees that is required by state law. “Nobody follows it,” he said, “but that’s the law.”
    In committee reports, Language reported that the summer migrant program went very well, with the highest rate of attendance this year for high school age students. It was noted also that this coming year’s kindergarten class will be a very large group (120 plus). There was some discussion on how that group will have to be divided up. Some changes will be made to “Tiger Time” in the upcoming year, but it will continue to be offered for those students who need extra help. The crow’s nest will be getting a face lift from Dawson and Sons.

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