Beardstown School Board discusses financial issues

    Even before the official beginning of the meeting of the Beardstown High School Board of Education on April 20, one could see that it was going to be a dramatic event. The room was filled with BEA t-shirts and stern faces. Following the pledge, the floor was opened for comments and the flood gates opened. There was emotionally-charged commentary on the subject of the new superintendent (Ron Gilbert) receiving an additional two months’ salary while the sitting superintendent is still being paid during that time as well. There was also dissent over the rejection of a coaching candidate that “should have been handled differently,” according to the opinion from the floor.
    Sports are not being funded again, because the school district is “broke.” It was clear that this was a point of contention. But one comment from the floor did ring noteworthy. “Everyone knows times are tight. That’s a given… but the school is running on a hot dog budget, and just spent prime rib on a party who doesn’t need it.”

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