Beardstown PD, other departments conduct drug bust and make arrests

    On Tuesday, Nov. 10, the Beardstown Police Department, Brown County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit, and the United States Postal Inspection Service conducted a search warrant at 104 W 5th Street in Beardstown.
    Upon execution of the search warrant, the Beardstown Police Department apprehended two suspects without incident and seized more than 252 grams of cocaine, various denominations of US currency, a midemeanor amount of cannabis, and numerous drug paraphernalia items. Jeffery M. Santiago Padilla, 25, and Dunechka M. Quinones Mercado, 32, were arrested. Santiago Padilla faces charges of possession of a controlled substance (110-400 grams), delivery of a controlled substance (100-400 grams), and controlled substance trafficking. Quinones Mercado faces the charge of criminal drug conspiracy.

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