Beardstown High School may have HVAC fix at last

    The regular meeting of the Beardstown School Board took place on Wednesday, Jan. 18. School Board President Jack Fearneyhough called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. and addressed the public for questions and comments. There were none and regular business was addressed.
    HVAC has been a continuing issue for some time now, and at this meeting, it was the center of attention once again. Jim Pennington, whose company originally installed the system, had been called upon to evaluate the continuing issue and had made a number of recommendations as to how to correct it. He had pointed out that some of the control boards for the system, those which light up and register power, are not even hooked up to anything. The system was having to be booted up manually to make it work and while one room might have heat, another might be getting cold air as another became unbearably hot. The whole HVAC system was described by Pennington as “significantly degraded.”

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